Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group at Food & Hotel Indonesia 2015 Exhibition


Turkey, which is the world’s top exporter of flour, attracted great interest from visitors at Food & Hotel Indonesia 2015 Exhibition which was held for 13th time this year and in which Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group (UTG) participated for the first time.

The exhibition held in Jakarta city of Indonesia between 15-18 April 2015 was attended by 7 exporter firms operating in food sector and by Turkish Sugary Products Promotion Group alongside with UTG from Turkey.

Apart from Turkey, a great number of firms operating in food and hotel management fields from the USA, Germany, Australia, Austria, UAE, Belgium, China, Denmark, Indonesia, South Africa, South Korea, France, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, England, Iran, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Colombia, Malaysia, Norway, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Chile, Jordan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam and New Zealand participated in the exhibition.

The world leader Turkey carried out an effective promotional activity, with UTG stand being visited by various buyers associated with food (especially flour and yeast) sector in particularly Indonesia and Southeastern Asia countries. On the last day of the exhibition, Mr. Zekeriya AKÇAM, Turkey’s Ambassador to Jakarta, visited UTG stand and obtained information on the exhibition and watched sand artist Veysel Çelikdemir's performance. 

The sand animation performances by sand artist Veysel Çelikdemir aroused great interest. At UTG stand, various bakery products from the Turkish cuisine were offered to the visitors.

Turkish Flour Yeast and Ingredients Promotion Group furnished the visitors with catalogues containing information on the Promotion Group and the products covered by the Promotion Group, and cookbooks containing recipes of bakery products from the Turkish cuisine, as well as kitchen aprons and bags carrying the name and logo of the Promotion Group.